When you sign up for SpamTitan Cloud you will receive a password to allow you to log on (your username will be the email address you provided). This is your Domain Group Administrator account. The Domain Group Administrator account allows you to add domains and delegate control of those domains. The Domain Group Administrator account is not used for day-to-day administration of your domains, this is the job of the Domain Administrator account.

A Domain Administrator has access to the domain level black/whitelists, domain level reporting and History as well as all the quarantined items for the domain. See Creating Domain Administrators for information on how to add a Domain Administrator.

You will need to assign a Domain Administrator even if you only have a single domain.

Switching to another Role

If multiple roles have been assigned to your email address, you can swap between the various roles by clicking the role name in the top right corner of the web interface:

Clicking on the Role (red circle) let you select alternative roles available to you. Clicking on the Domain Group (blue circle) allows you to select any other Domain Groups which you administer. If you change to the Domain Administrator role, you can use the same method to change between the domains you administer.